What You Need to Know About ACNE

Wharan Yoon
What You Need To Know About ACNE

What You Need To Know About ACNE

   Acne is chronic, inflammatory skin condition that causes spots and pimples. You must calm skin inflammation first and foremost. Then, treat your acne. Dehydrated acne skin should be even more careful with actual acne treatments or using products for acne.  HOW IT STARTS: ABNORMAL SECRETION OF SKIN SEBUM (AKA. OIL) SEBUM, SKIN DEAD CELLS (FROM MAKE UP, DUST, DEBRIS, ETC) PIMPLES GET INFECTED WITH BACTERIA, AND SWELLING RESULTS. SKIN INFLAMMATION CAN PERSIST DEPENDS ON HOW PERSISTENT IT   HOW IT LOOKS LIKE * PROPER TREATMENT FOR MILD ACNE * JUST START TO BREAK OUT + TUST ABOUT TO START...

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