Our Story

“At Refine Medispa, we are all about respecting your skin by building stronger and healthier skin through hydration. 

By incorporating both Korean medical grade and globally renown luxury skincare, we curate personalized skin care regimes and facials for clients of varying complex skin needs.

Let’s respect skin together.

Hydration is key.

How it started….  

For years, I myself struggled with acne and sensitized skin. I went through treatment after treatment such as intense chemical peels, fractional laser treatment, multiple sessions of microdermabrasion, and so much more. Despite the significant investment of my time and resources, my condition did not improve- in fact it seemed to worsen. 

One day, I decided to try deep hydration instead. When I started to hydrate skin, I saw a noticeable improvement. After much research, I quickly learned that rather than constantly exfoliating and breaking down my skin, hydration was the key intervention for resolving all skin issues such as: acne, discolouration, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, scarring, inflammation, and skin sensitivity- even sagging skin and wrinkles! I have personally experienced the benefits of hydration and understand that hydration is a key component of resolving present skin concerns by reaching the root of skin issues, and promoting long term skin health through prevention. 

This is why at Refine, our mission is to respect skin by using products that change your skin for the better from the inside. Our goal is to normalize your skin and give you the glowing, healthy barrier we need to maintain healthy skin for the long term.