Avif biocellulose mask

100% naturally BIOCELL FACE MASK is based on bio nano cell sheet which is made by 100% naturally fermenting and ripening natural coconut juice – ideal component for the skin care.

  • Anti aging
    • High-elastic wrinkle improvement functional biocell mask, whose natural extracts growing in Swiss and French alphine regions excellent in improving skin, collagen, and wrinkle prevent and delay skin aging.
  • Brightening
    • Whitening care with natural extracts from Alpine Highlands, organic Giga-White certified by France Eco Cert and whitening functional ingredients, provide bright skin tone by relieving UV trace.
  • Hydrating
    • With NECTAPURE (Drink of God) made from native plants growing in alphine regions of Switzerland, and AP Organic Bud Extract, this hydrating mask immediately soothes and gives comfort to dry and damaged skin.

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