Biologique Recherche


Biologique Recherche offers a holistic and personalized skincare approach to clients, which has led to effective and synergistic product formulations, including its world-renowned line of Lotion P50 formulas.
With a focus on plant, biomarine & biotechnological extracts, Biologique Recherche focuses on maintaining the skin’s integrity & enhance the skin through the highest quality & composition of active ingredients

Biologique Recherche products meet specific criteria:

  • Use plant, biomarine and biotechnological extracts at very high concentrations – above 20% in most products
  • Rule out the use of synthetic fragrances, to preserve the integrity of the formulas and try to avoid any adverse reactions
  • Retain the original structure of the active ingredients as far as possible, by maximizing the use of cold processing in the majority of our formulas
  • Ensure the effectiveness of a Biologique Recherche product through the composition and quality of its active ingredients
  • Enhance the synergy between the products, our distinctive and original treatment techniques, and the Remodeling Face® treatment for instant and exceptional results