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Anti-puffiness serum for the eyes


Puffiness is generally associated with fatigue or aging. Its appearance can be caused by sagging eyelids, a build-up of fluid as a result of altered matrices which are less successful at maintaining vessel walls, or the accumulation of fat in tissue.

Specifically formulated for the fragile eye contour area, Liposmose has an immediate effect and provides a lasting solution to all eye problems. Puffiness is visibly reduced; the entire eye area is revitalized. The eye contour area is reinforced and protected from external stress.

The eye contour is a very fragile area, where the epidermis is 5 to 7 times thinner than the rest of the face. Under constant strain, the skin of the eyelids is one of the body?™s most mobile structures. In the absence of hypodermis, the skin is more sensitive to internal and external factors, which encourages the appearance of under-eye puffiness. Whether it is made of water or fat, eye contour puffiness must be treated in an independent and complementary manner.

The Liposmose serum combines osmoregulatory, lipolytic and firming action to provide a complete solution for eye contour problems.
Rance Red Seaweed Extract stimulates water flows in retention areas to limit its build-up and the formation of water puffiness. The tetrapeptide, with its lipolytic action, promotes the breakdown of lipids and contributes to reducing the volume and depth of fat puffiness. Firming active ingredients have a ?œlifting effect??on age-related puffiness. The skin of the eye contour is strengthened to better combat everyday stress.

Fluid and ultra-penetrating, its texture is ideal for the fragile area of the eye contour and lower and upper eyelids. Eye congestion is reduced, puffiness volume is smoothed, putting the sparkle back in the eyes.

Recommended for Skin Instants© with puffiness.